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The mobile platform of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 brings up an endless number of possibilities.

With the world’s fastest mobile connectivity, you can use generative AI to unlock new levels of creativity, create original content intelligently, play games on your phone that defy conventions, or Unplugged, turn up the volume to studio-quality lossless audio.

From document creation to intelligently producing unique content, our potent Qualcomm AI Engine brings intelligence to every step you take. One of the quickest speeds in the smartphone industry, LLM models can process up to 20 tokens per second. When stable diffusion is achieved, they can produce an image in a matter of milliseconds. We enable the unthinkable, launching a new era of generative artificial intelligence.

With Snapdragon Game Super Resolution, you can play games as high as 8K without sacrificing performance or battery life. Get ready to be enthralled with gaming. The best portable gaming system is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

  1. Excellence in Generative AI.
  2. Superior Performance.
  3. Sensible Capture.
  4. Features of Games That Defy Consoles.
  5. Studio and Audio Quality.
  6. Unrestricted Connectivity.

1.Excellence in Generative AI

  • The first generative AI model in the world with up to 10 billion parameters supported on-device is the top AI engine. For sustained AI inferencing, the Qualcomm Hexagon NPU offers 40% better performance-per-watt and 98% faster performance.

2.Superior Performance

  • Thanks to an enhanced CPU subsystem, the Qualcomm Kryo CPU achieves previously unheard-of speeds while improving performance by 30% and power efficiency by 20%. Additionally, 25% quicker graphics rendering and 25% better GPU power efficiency are produced by the updated Qualcomm Adreno GPU, improving gaming and streaming.

3.Sensible Capture

  • The top Cognitive ISP, the Qualcomm Spectra, creates real-time, AI-enhanced images and videos for stunning quality in every setting. With generative AI voice-activated picture and video editing, you can create amazing content.
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4.Features of Games That Defy Consoles

  • 240 FPS ultra-smooth, lag-free experiences are made possible by an astounding 240Hz display, which supports the entire Snapdragon Elite Gaming arsenal. Additionally, take advantage of 40% improved Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing and lifelike lighting with new Global Illumination, which is made possible by the first-in-mobile support for the Unreal Engine 5.2.

5.Studio and Audio Quality

  • For uninterrupted lossless audio over Wi-Fi, even while moving from room to room, the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite with innovative Qualcomm Expanded Personal Area Network Technology (XPAN) is the only option available in the world. Take on your opponents in games while on the go with the ultra-low 48ms latency sound.

6.Unrestricted Connectivity

  • Having 2.5x AI processing capability at the hardware level for faster, more power-efficient operation, and improved location accuracy, the Snapdragon X75 Modem-RF System delivers best-in-class 5G. The only solution providing Wi-Fi 7 with High Band Simultaneous Multi-Link and Bluetooth® technologies for unstoppable speeds and dependability is the Qualcomm Fast Connect 7800 Connectivity System.

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