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Canadian Firm MDA Uses Advanced Satellite Technology to Combat Illegal Fishing

BramptonOntario, Canada – MDA Ltd, a trailblazing innovator in satellite technology and services, has revealed a ground-breaking agreement with the Government of Canada. In order to combat illicit, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Indo-Pacific area, which is rich in biodiversity, MDA and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans have entered into a two-year agreement that includes three potential renewals.

Utilizing a multitude of satellite data sources, MDA’s Maritime Insights Platform makes use of their highly regarded RADARSAT-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Tracing and identifying illicit, particularly dark vessel detection—will be part of its capabilities. Regardless of the time of day or weather, this platform’s capacity to cover large areas in a single photograph gives it a crucial role in the international campaign against IUU fishing.

The United Nations has ranked illegal fishing as the sixth-biggest crime on Earth. According to estimates, IUU fishing accounts for around 20% of all fish captured worldwide, resulting in an incredible $23.5 billion in losses to the global economy each year. The Indo-Pacific area, which is home to most of the world’s coral reefs and has an enormous diversity of fish species, is where much of this work is focused.

Space-Based Monitoring: A Novel Approach

According to Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA, “the enormity of our ocean surfaces makes them incredibly difficult to monitor, emboldening those who perpetrate crime on the water.” On the other hand, space-based Earth observation offers a useful perspective that makes visible what is frequently obscured from terrestrial or marine perspectives. We take great pride in providing MDA’s data and insights to the Canadian government and other countries in their fight against this environmental disaster.

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The MDA has always been committed to stopping IUU fishing. Through the Canadian Government, they have been giving countries all around the world surveillance, data, and insights regarding fishing activities in almost real-time. MDA has been providing actionable marine intelligence data that supports maritime enforcement activities and helps discover dark vessels in collaboration with DFO and international fisheries authorities.

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An Important Affect on Economies and Ecosystems

According to Joyce Murray, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard, “detecting, tracking, and intercepting vessels engaged in IUU fishing is pivotal in safeguarding global ocean ecosystems and the livelihoods of lawful fish harvesters worldwide.” She underlined how important it is to take such action to protect biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific area from the harm that IUU fishing does.

The previous and present actions of MDA represent a positive step in reducing the negative effects of IUU fishing on the environment and the economy. Satellite technology promises to provide even more powerful solutions in the global battle against illicit fishing as it advances in sophistication.

RADARSAT Constellation Mission: Seeking solutions for bettering Canada

2019-05-14 – Every day, three satellites are used by the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) to survey our nation and its oceans and gather incredibly useful data. Among other things, this crucial information aids in the safe navigation of Arctic seas by captains, increases agricultural yields for farmers, and saves lives for emergency personnel. The Canadian Space Agency is credited.

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