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Syllabus and Exam Pattern for BPSC Block Horticulture Officers, 2024

The post below looks at BPSC Horticulture Officer Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2024. Read the post to obtain the whole Bihar Block Horticulture Officer Syllabus information.

The Bihar BHO Notification 2024 and the Bihar Block Horticulture Officer Syllabus and Exam Pattern information have been made public by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). Those planning to take the Bihar Horticulture Officer Exam should begin preparing right away, as the exam date will be announced by the officials as soon as the application period closes. We have included the BPSC Block Horticulture Officer Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2024 in the article below for the candidates’ convenience.

The 2024 BPSC Block Horticulture Officer Selection Process:

There are two phases to the selection procedure for the BPSC Block Horticulture Officer 2024: written exam and interview.The total marks for the selection will be 100 points. The written examination will be of 75 points and the interview will be held for 25 points. View the Bihar Block Horticulture Officer Selection Process 2024’s two phases below.

Stage 1: Written Test
Stage 2: The Interview

Bihar Horticulture Officer Exam Pattern 2024:

Candidates who are intending to participate for the written test which will be held for 75 points. There will be four examinations, each worth 100 points, and the written test will account for 75 percent of the total score. During the interview, the last 25% of the scores will be determined. See the table below for detailed information on the Bihar BHO Exam Pattern 2024.

  • The Bihar BHO Recruitment 2024 Written Examination includes two papers: Paper 1 and Paper II, both with a duration of 2 hours each.
  • Paper 1 assesses candidates on General Hindi and General Knowledge, each section comprising 100 questions.
  • Paper 2 evaluates candidates on subjects including Horticulture Science and Agriculture Science, with each subject containing 200 questions.
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Syllabus for BPSC Block Horticulture Officers:

General Hindi, General Knowledge, Horticulture Science, and Agriculture Science are the four subjects included in the BPSC Horticulture Officer Exam. There will be two papers for topic knowledge and one paper for general Hindi and knowledge. Examine the thorough syllabus listed below for every paper.

General Hindi:
Within the General Hindi portion, there are two main subjects. The following subjects for comprehension and grammar have been covered.

  • General Hindicomprehension and grammar.

General Knowledge:

This part covers two main topics: static GK and current affairs. Science and technology, geography, politics, history, and economics are examples of static GK subjects.

Horticulture Science:

One of the most significant and comprehensive subjects for this test is horticulture science. This area will have two papers. View the syllabus’s detailed breakdown below.

Basics of Horticulture:

  • Plant anatomy and physiology: Structure and function of plant parts, plant growth processes.
  • Horticultural practices: Propagation techniques, nursery management, pruning, and training.
  • Plant breeding and genetics: Principles of plant breeding, hybridization, selection, and genetic improvement.

Crop Production:

  1. Cultivation practices: Soil preparation, planting, irrigation, fertilization, and crop rotation.
  2. Crop improvement techniques: Selection of high-yielding varieties, hybridization, and biotechnological approaches.
  3. Pest and disease management: Identification of pests and diseases, integrated pest management strategies, and use of pesticides.

Post-harvest Management:

  1. Harvesting techniques: Methods for harvesting fruits, vegetables, and flowers at optimal stages.
  2. Storage methods: Preservation techniques, cold storage, drying, and packaging.
  3. Value addition: Processing techniques, quality enhancement, and marketing of horticultural products.
  4. Horticultural Crops
  5. Fruit crops: Cultivation practices of fruits such as mango, banana, apple, citrus, and grapes.
  6. Vegetable crops: Growing techniques for vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and leafy greens.
  7. Floriculture: Production of ornamental flowers, cultivation methods, and flower arrangement.
  8. Medicinal and aromatic plants: Cultivation and utilization of herbs and plants with medicinal and aromatic properties.
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Agriculture Science:

Similar to Horticulture Science, there are two publications in this division. This section covers a wide range of subjects. For further information, look at the topic below.


  1. Crop production practices: Crop planning, seed selection, planting methods, and crop rotation.
  2. Soil management: Soil types, soil fertility, soil conservation, and soil health improvement techniques.
    Irrigation techniques: Irrigation systems, water management, and scheduling.

Plant Pathology:

  1. Identification and management of plant diseases: Symptoms, causes, and control measures for common plant diseases.
  2. Disease control measures: Cultural practices, chemical control, biological control, and disease-resistant varieties.


  1. Identification and control of insect pests: Common insect pests affecting crops, their life cycles, and damage symptoms.
  2. Integrated pest management: Use of cultural, biological, and chemical methods to control pest populations while minimizing environmental impact.

Soil Science:

  1. Soil types: Classification of soils based on texture, structure, and composition.
  2. Soil fertility: Nutrient management, soil testing, and fertilizer application methods.
  3. Soil conservation methods: Erosion control, terracing, contour farming, and agroforestry.

Economics of Agriculture:

  1. Farm management includes budgeting, scheduling, and making decisions on daily operations.
  2. Agricultural marketing includes price setting, market research, and promotional tactics for agricultural goods.
  3. Government policies: Programs, plans, subsidies, and policies related to agriculture that support the welfare and growth of the sector.

The PDF syllabus for BPSC Block Horticulture Officers:

To get ready for the test, candidates may also download the BPSC Block Horticulture Officer Syllabus PDF. They can print off a copy of the same and place it close to their desk for study. Click the following link to obtain the BPSC Block Horticulture Officer Syllabus PDF.

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BPSC Block Horticulture Officer Syllabus PDFClick to Download